Well it had to happen I guess

Just thought I would look at all this blog stuff.  All goes over my head a bit but all sorts of people do it so it cannot be that hard.

As friends and family will know my life has changed considerably over the past two years and quiet dramatically since our Barbara died in September, so thought this might be a good platform to help me make some sense out of it all so I can make some important decisions.

I am not sure where I want to go with this but I do not want it to become just me getting lost in the past.  Barbara was an integral part of what we did together, now I have so many options but no sounding board to keep those options realistic. My first priority is sorting out paperwork and the Inland Revenue, who have left me alone for 35 years, suddenly they want self assessments filling in. Again there is Barbara’s pension and insurance to sort out so more forms and of course the insurance was taken with companies that don’t exist anymore and have been sold and resold several times.  I did try and ring one, while I was in UK but of course you get a call centre.  Unfortunately this one was based in Scotland and I could not understand a word the she was saying. Bet she had ginger hair and drank 80 shilling of a weekend.  Oh for the days when they outsourced to English speaking countries like India.

I now need to find some motivation and get on with some projects but need a stable base to do this from.  My boat has been neglected for the past two years, partly due to Barbara’s illness and partly due to it having to be stored at work, making it not a convenient to work on.  It will have to stay at work as I have no room for it here but I must formulate a plan to do a few hours on the build each week.  The houses in Cyprus also need maintenance and as I only get there for a couple of days at a time this is not ideal.  I need to put solar panels on the roof of number 13 and would like to build a wet room on the side of the master bedroom of number 3.  There is potential for a dinning room at number 3 as well but this would be a major construction job an may not be viable. Anyway none of it can be done until I can get a few months there at a time.

Then there is work.  Would love to retire but that is not a financial option at the moment but I am formulating an exit strategy but this depends on so many other factors such as income and location.  Mel and the boys are in New Zealand and Beano and her boys in UK. Ideally six month in NZ and six in Cyprus would do.  Bean could get flights to come and see me in Cyprus in the summer and I could fly to NZ over the Christmas, New year when the weather is a bit warmer there.  mind you I have to pay for all this and currently don’t have a pension as such.

Then there are silly things like my boat and my bike(s).  who in their right mind would build a wooden steam launch in Dubai. Only the same idiot that would buy a 350 Royal Enfield in Dubai.

Well not sure what happens to this now or who will read it but we will post it and see.

Need to make myself sit down and do this at least once a week

So as they say in the English speaking parts of France.  Campi!


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