first dinner party on my own

Not only is the 5th November “Bommy Night” but would have been our 42nd wedding anniversary. I have invited a couple of friend around for Margaritas and Kleftiko, I am sure our B would have done so much more but my cooking skills are limited to food made with the aid of machines.  Breadmaker, steamer and my all time favourite crock pot.  Think it works on the theory of “meat on a given theme”.  Stick any meat in it and leave it for as long as you like and it comes out magic, if not a little the same.  Pulled pork, pulled chicken, pot roast (which is like pulled beef) and Kleftiko, again a strange resemblance to all of the above.

Thought I would start with Margaritas and finish with Devils food cake. Packet mix of course.  Margaritas seem to vary considerably if you google them. Basically, just strong sweet and sour drinks with salt, to over simplify.  So if you not a purist and just want to get bladdered then anything with alcohol and lime juice will do. Oh and don’t forget the salt.

Well a couple of hours to go and then I will have to go home and get my cooking hat on.  Guests arrive at 7 hope it goes well.

Wish me luck



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