Funny ol’ day

Thursday is always a funny old day, Friday being our day off, motivation on Thursdays is difficult.  Being a man of a certain age, I usually get out of the car at work and first stop is the gents toilet.  Today I went straight to my office. Mistake number one.  Immediately there are people who need to see you, need things signing or emails that need answering.  Now need to go for a wee, so head off down the corridor.  Several stops and interruptions later I arrive at the piss stone and relax just enough.  You know that feeling of a sort of relief.  Zip down, hand in, only to find I had put my skids on backwards.  Panic trying to find the fly hole that is not there.  Anyway sorted it with out mishap but it was close.  I am now hoping this was just a senior moment and is not the shape of things to come.   Rest of the day was much of a muchness.

Sundowners at Doolali Tap with Trev and a few cheeses for tea (dinner) so as to keep the low carb thing on track and an early night.  Had been saying to Trev that my cat Capucino was not around as muc as usual and did not seem to be eating very much.  She is quiet sociable so we both though she was or is getting fed somewhere else. Again man of a certain age thing.  Got up at about 02:00 hrs. for a wee and low and behold there’s the moggy under the bed sniffing around.  This can mean only one thing.  She has brought some livestock in and this is usually rat shaped.  No sign of the creature so opened the window so if it got the chance it could make a run for it and hopefully Cino would follow.  Back to sleep. 03:00 hours cat is chewing on what’s left of the rat!

Friday is maid day so need to bring the washing in so she can do the ironing and need to strip the bed and get the sheets in the wash.  Brunch and the Nomad by the Irish Village at 12ish, so another lost afternoon.

Need to go and sort out the remains of Ratty under the bed.



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