Interesting times

Well! what to say.  Cino my cat got sick last week and although a lot better is still not a well cat. Two blood transfusions and a week in hospital, later, she is home.  Bucket full of medications to take and now she has a fever!

I have spent hours trying to get pills and medicine down her neck but it is very difficult. I have wrapped her in a blanket and forced her mouth open, crushed the pills up and put it in her food and covered the pills in butter to make it easier to swallow. The internet is full of ideas on medicating cats.  The last idea by he way they omit to tell you that although butter make the pill easier to swallow it is almost impossible to hold between your fingers. Anyway I have to take her to the vets each night now for a while, while the monitor her temperature so they will give some of the more difficult pills to her. I found it so distressing when I could not get the stuff in to her and guilty that I was letting her down.  At least her blood count is going up and she is a lot brighter but still a poorly kitten.  My wallet is feeling a bit unwell too. AED 10,000 plus another 250 tonight.

Enough of that.  Weather is now perfect in Dubai but storms coming in at the end of the week so it will get a lot colder.  Need to find my gansy’s and a jacket or two.  The AC can go off so will save on electricity, that has to be a plus point but the place is miserable when its wet.


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