wet weekend

Well as predicted the rains came to Dubai this week.  Did my washing Wednesday night and put it on the line Thursday morning before going to work.  Of course it was lashing down by lunch time.  Got home to wet washing but needed it to dry so the maid can iron it on Friday so left it out overnight. Big storm around 4 in the morning so the maid got off lightly this week no ironing.  Just got it dry today so poor girl will have twice as much to do next week.  Had a good evening at Mr K’s house on Thursday night. His mother in law was 90 so a big party in the garden and fortunately the rain kept off.

Brunch was good.  We went to Nelsons bar at the Media Rottana and sat inside because of the rain.  Far too many Carlsberg’s me thinks but food was good and real pork bacon.  Just got to have bacon on a Friday.

My cat is still very quiet and its a battle giving her medication but she seems to have recovered a bit though so back to the vets on Sunday night to see how she is doing. 

Hate Saturdays the seem to be so long now I am on my own but did cook some cauliflower cheese for tea must get the stuff for a Christmas Cake as B would be turning them out by the dozen this time of year.  Only seems right I should make at least one as a token gesture. 



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