Poorly cat

My cat still not very well.  At the vets again tonight and an appointment for tomorrow for some extremely expensive injections!  She is up and down.  Yesterday she ate nothing today she seems brighter and has eaten most of a tin of tuna and some of her biscuits, fingers crossed.

Day has been okay but need to get the AC in my office looked at just ridiculously cold. What’s blue and kills old men? Hyperthermia!

Need to decide what to do at the weekend.  Rugby 7’s, camping with the motorcycle club or out for brunch.  Brunch will take the least effort but feel I am letting my Bro’s down and the totty that will be at the 7’s shouldn’t be missed.  What to do? Think it will be brunch somehow.

Listening to CCR.  That takes me back a bit.  Heard it through the grapevine.


Well TTFN early night me thinks see how the pussy is tomorrow.






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