Guess this year is almost over an will be well glad to see the back of it.  Funny time of the year as we don’t get holidays as such.  Christmas day is an unofficial day off and New Years Day will be a public holiday but other than that nothing.  The rest of the world is in holiday mood and somehow so am I but without the days to relax.  Went up to RAs Al Khimer yesterday on the bike. Took about an hour and a half.  The mad Irish woman how lives next door asked me to go up as she has a place there and was having a breakfast party with a few friends.  Got there around 10 30. Lovely spot and the bike did well but did go the old road as she [the bike] is not keen on the motorways.  Bailed out at 3 so was back in time for sundowners. traffic was a bit manic in Ajman but other than that and a couple of eedjits on the beach road, fairly  uneventful ride. 

scull dragged the washing machine out this morning but cannot fix it myself so will get the boys and a pickup to take it in to the back of Sharjah and get it fixed.  Might treat myself to a new one with a dryer if all else fails.  Just opened a litre of home brew to check if it is drinkable and its okay! little more fizz would be good but does the trick.  Need to find a source of malt locally now so I can make some more.

New Year around the pool I think so have to get the pulled pork in the slow cooker tomorrow and will do a few loaves.  That will be my contribution plus the remainder of the home brew.  Work tomorrow.  Almost there.  Guess or I hope 1st Of January will bring in a whole new outlook and focus on life.  Cant wait for the adventure to start.





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