welcome 2014

Well been a while since I have written anything but guess with Christmas and New Year out of the way we can now get on with, what I hope will be a better year.  It has kicked off quiet well as I have sold the cottage in Goa and had to spend four days there to go through the formalities.  I stayed at the Aguada Fort Hotel by Taj  very nice.  A bit strange being on my own and the place was not too busy so no one to chat to in the bar of an evening.  Did manage a trip up to Ponda to conduct an interview for a receptionist in our office in Dubai.

India does not change.  Getting of the plane as soon as the door opened, the smell was just India.  Not unpleasant but you know you are in India.  Combination of damp and smoke from burning rubbish.  Goan’s love their dogs even if they don’t look after them very well and first character I saw out side the airport was a typical Goan dog, guess they are all from Portuguese stock and most of them look the same.

Food was good as always in Goa and Anjuna market still has that hippy magic about it. Bought two paid of leather sandals there from a local cobbler.  They will take a bit of breaking in but once they have softened up it will be like wearing slippers.

The flight out was dreadful, Air India Cattle Class.  Will never do that again but managed to get an upgrade on the return flight. 

The visa process and Indian immigration is manky.  India obviously do not want tourist dollars.  The make it as difficult as possible to get in or out for that matter and although the general public cannot be more helpful and friendly, even the security guards where polite and efficient.  But anything to do with the government and they are the pits, but unfortunately all powerful.

Anyway.  Have a multiple entry so hope to get back there for a week before my visa expires.





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