9 o’clock, not a woman washed and Park Lane full of Spanish Captains

Where has the time gone.  Last year seemed to end on all things bad. I had to have Capucino put down just before Christmas but hopefully this year will be more positive.  Christmas and New Year went okay and I then had a quick trip to Goa to sell my bungalow there. One less headache to worry about.  Another quick trip to UK to sort out Barbara’s probate and my income tax and off hire the flat I had taken while B was ill.

Now fostering two white Persian cats.  They are hard work but lovely animals, couldn’t call them pretty though.  What with brushing their coats and wiping their eyes they are a full time job.

My trip to Goa was strange as its the first time I had been away as a single person, whole new set of rules to learn.  Quiet lonely at times.  Flew Air India.  outward-bound was cattle class but hat to up grade to business on the way back.  Cant be doing with the smell and the bad manners.

UK was also Business class as Emirates had a special offer on so spent much of the flight out. standing in the bar on the 380.  Back on a Boeing 777,  not in the same league as the Airbus.

Now booked my flights to Cyprus for Easter and to meet up with the Grandsons and our Lisa.  Will have to organise an egg hunt on the Sunday.

Weather in Dubai getting warmer though we di have a hell of a storm over the weekend.





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