Almost april

Seems to have dragged a bit this month but the big storm and rain we have had seem to have gone now so guess summer is on its way.  It will heat up pretty quickly from now on.  Looking forward to Cyprus on the 17th April and seeing the kids.  Will have to organise an egg hunt on the Sunday and I hope there will be plenty of strawberries around too.

Plane to spend three weeks there and see if I can organise a telephone and internet in at least one apartment.  Also need to look at solar heating for number 13 and an AC unit in the lounge.  Will be easier to let then I think. 

My New Zealand visa application has been accepted, well the first part of the process and I have had my medical just waiting fro the results on that.  If all goes well then I should get it in to the immigration people by the end of next week, then fingers crossed.  Think Dubai has run its course for me and NZ will be the next big adventure. 

My two new chums have settled in quiet well but to say Persians don’t climb us un true.  I am going to have to put things away as the have broken several ornaments and one had a picture off the wall in the middle of the night.  Mind you the maid brakes as much as they do





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