On the year rolls on

Well May halfway through and Dubai getting hotter by the day.  Sat out on the deck on Tuesday but very humid.  Spent Easter in Cyprus with my Daughter and grandsons so much swimming (for the boys not me) and much eating (me not the boys).  A bit different for them as Cypriot Easter is a big thing and done a bit different from the UK.

I took my Eggbot so we could draw on eggs and we blew the eggs afterwards so the could take them home and keep them

Next two week’s I was on my own so stroll to the local tavern for beer and souvla every lunch time and a sleep in the afternoon.  Really relaxing.  Back to reality now back at work.  I don’t want to be here anymore all the fun has gone out of the place.  Never mind.  On a brighter note I submitted my Visa application for New Zealand.  If and when that comes off then Vroom like a rat out of an aqueduct I’ll be gone.  Think that’s it for the middle east and me.  35 years.



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