All happening here

Well.  don’t know where to start.  Had a few weeks in Cyprus with the grandkids and got back to Dubai.  My understudy has turned out to be a complete tosser.  I am sure he is just winging it.  I made it clear to My boss that I thought he was not the right guy to take over from me and basically got told off for being unfair and asked if I saw him as a threat and that is why I did not like him.  I needed this guy to succeed as he was my ticket out of here so no he is not a threat in that sense.  He is a threat however if he makes a complete dogs breakfast of it and they have to ask me to stay.  That’s was my big worry.

Anyway fate seems to have stepped in.  After getting back from Cyprus, I put may application in for a New Zealand resident visa.  It clearly stated 18 months to 2 years waiting list.  The plan was I would let this guy get on with it and just keep my head down until, hopefully, I get a visa.  Three weeks later I have a visa in my passport and am now organising shipping of my worldly possessions and my two cats.

All a bit sudden but hay ho.  The visa has to be activated before the end of April next years so finish work end of July and aim to be out of here by November. Monet is my only issue as I had expected to be earning for thee next 12 months at least. Will cross that bridge I guess when I get to it. 

So now looking for places to rent in NZ.  Fancy near the coast, sea views etc. Lay awake at night imagining thumping down the windy roads of the Coramadel on the old Enfield or fishing in the Bay of Plenty. After all these years in the desert the rain will be wonderful, mind you not sure how long that novelty will last.

My daughter and her kids are all excited as am I.  but will need to get back to UK to see the others for Christmas.  So maybe New Year in Dubai on my way back through to NZ. 

So much to do now as I need to inform people of my new address which I don’t know yet, organise the best way to get money to NZ with out the thieving banks ripping me off on exchange rates and bank charges and get my cats and wooden boat passed the strict import regs of MAF. 

Will need some warm clothes too.  Everything I own is geared up for the desert, high 40’s today. Even the Dubai winters are warmer than the NZ summers.  Will just have to wrap up well I guess and keep a big log burner going 24/7


Lots of people to say tat tar too but now that it is in motion really looking forward to my next big adventure.






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