So the adventure has started. Well nearly

The Bus has arrived at my daughters in New Zealand and apart form being a little damp and perhaps not to her taste in interior design is serviceable and road worthy(we think).  Danny and Mel went to collect it last week and drove it back fro the back of beyond through Auckland and home to Pukekohe.  We seem to have settled on the name Inshallah, not for any religious reasons more a play on words.  Having spent most of my life in the Middle East everything tends to be Inshallah, if God wills it” “God willing” or it is Gods will” in other words if it does not happen then its not my fault” which just about sums the Middle East and the Mediterranean for that matter.  The bus being 1972 model Bedford VAS with a retro fitted Mitsubishi engine and gear box is bound to have issues.  These will always be in the middle of nowhere or when I can least do with it but hey Inshallah”!


Although I don’t get to New Zealand till November plans are already underway.  I have ordered a Little Cracker wood stove for it to keep it snug and dry but do need to get the bathroom and plumbing sorted so it can have a self containment certificate.  This is most important and will allow me to park almost anywhere especially the free and government sites.  Free camping is what I am looking for.  It would appear to only have the one queen size bed so additional sleeping arrangement will have to be sorted if the Grandsons and other friend and relatives come to stay.  Rather than some clever fold out bed or convertible dinning table arrangement I think we will go with hammocks providing I can find suitable strong points on the walls.  Not only is the a novel approach it means very little work setting them up, possible giving a lot more sleeping space then conventional fold out beds.  Supposed to be very comfy and good for your back to boot.

Once the bathroom is done then curtains and décor will be next but first a road trip to see what works and what needs changing.  You know the sort of thing.  Keep banging your head or knee or find the storage is in the wrong place.  Although its about 7 meters long guess there will be a natural tendency to spill outside so an awning over the entrance side of the bus so wet things can be kept out side until dry.

The other big thing will be the two front seats. They need bringing in to the 21st century with suspension and three point anchoring seat belts.  After all a lot of time will be spent in the driving seat so it needs to be right. other than that I think we are good to go.





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