Clock is ticking.

Quick dash to Cyprus before Eid to shut up shop for the winter.  Now back in Dubai getting ready for the big push to New Zealand on the 4th November.  So much to do but allsorts slowing things down.  Can see this turning in to blind panic nearer the time.  Cyprus was as always magic. Love the people and the weather and the views.  Hope to be back for next spring.

Meanwhile back in NZ, the bus “Inshallah” has been measured for solar panels so hope that is completed by the tie I get there.  The roof needs painting but the logic is that if I paint it first, then it will get messed up with all the drilling and bolting of the panels and there hast to be a satellite dish fitted and also a hole for the stove chimney to go through so think we will get he work done then paint.

The windscreen has been fitted but still has a small leak but that could be anything.  I don’t think they where particularly good from new.  All adds character.

Been researching composting toilets which is a fun subject.  The Airhead seems to come out best but there is a locally made unit called ” the KiwiBog” need a bit more info on them and if they comply with self containment regs.

Now looking for a second hand Segway as personal transport.  Push bike seems like hard work.

Cats go in to kennels on the 1st and fly 17th I am up in Orewa for the Ukulele Heaven convention on the 14th so all a bit crammed in the start of the month.  Christmas with the kids but might do a runner for New Year if I can get away.

Have an old work friend and his wife arriving next week so that will just be one big piss up me thinks.  BBQ will need a dust off just hope the weather cools a couple of degrees.

Guess it will be swimming tomorrow with my Irish friend from next door.  Mind you she is still in RAK so may not get back tonight.



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