Arrived in the land of the Long White Cloud

1505670_763594127054647_624622401887761450_nIt has been a week now since I arrived in New Zealand on what seemed to be a long and tedious journey.  The week before my departure, as expected turned out to be mayhem as so much needed to be done in the last few days.  Once the Packers arrived I booked in to a hotel and left them to it.  Usual thing salesman said one thing and the packing crew had a completely different idea of what the were to do.  The boat and the bike where my main concern but every one re assured me there would be no problems at this end.  Still not convinced.  Time will tell.

Cats went in to kennels and will be joining me by the end of November.  Hope their journey is not as stressful as mine was.

Don’t usually have trouble flying, usually just sleep most of the time.  This journey started as normal. Check in at 07;00 hrs. and the usual mooch around duty free and a few coffees at costa.  Board the plane and push back all on time. We then get to the holding area ready for our take off slot and the captain come on.  “Ladies and gentlemen.  We have a female passenger who needs some medical attention our trained staff are attending to her now and we should be on our way in ten minuets”.  Ten minuets, another announcement ” our trained staff feel the lady will need to return to the gate as we cannot treat her here”.  So taxi back to the gate.  20 mins later ” The female passenger will need to de-plane and for security reasons we will off load her luggage.  20 mins later.  “Okay we just need to refuel and we will be on our way.  All in all 2 hour delay.

Rest of the flight was uneventful but the staff were painfully slow and constantly running out of food, water, trays and seemed to park their trolley net to my seat and bugger off.  Oscar the steward, I thing must have bee YTS as he kept forgetting which rows he had done.

Anyway here now and drove the bus for the first time on Friday.  Been “gliding” around Pukekohe on my Segway, which seems to amuse the locals and getting the bus ready for my first trip on this coming Friday to Orewa.  Ukulele convention.  That will be interesting.  I have booked three nights at a Top Ten site with a beach front pitch.

Well must get on need to get diesel and check the tyres oh and go to the dump station to empty the grey tank.

Rained hard last night but all good in the bus “Inshallah” just a small leak from the windscreen.  Lovely sunny day again today but not supposed to last.  Must get dressed and do a bit. So the adventure as actually begun



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