Orewa Beach, Ukulele Heaven

Orewa the beach and the Ukulele convention.

Friday night on the bus, “Inshalla” was uneventful.  I Got home round 10:30 and apart from the people in the trailer tent singing until midnight all was well.  The Ukulele convention was very good if not a little armature.  The sound system seemed to have many gremlins but it was all, very well done and there were some good musicians there.  The walk home was about twenty minutes, dark and cold.  So cup of tea and bed once the singing next door had stopped.

Saturday up early and fried egg banjos for breakfast then a walk on the beach  and back showered ready for the second day of the Ukulele Convention.  Arrived at the centre at 9 and checked in had a quick look around and a cup of tea.  Decided fairly quickly that it would all be a bit much for me.  Very extrovert are the Ukulele people and not being able to play and being on the shy side decided I would bail out and come back for the concert tonight.  So I spent the day on the beach or in the bus.  Did a bit of paperwork for customs and my medical registration so time well spent.   Now 5 and the wind freshening and the tide on its way in so could be a rough night. Bit worried as the site has a lot of trees and although very nice they do block the sun and there is a risk of branches falling and damaging my lovely new solar panels

The fisher folk are starting to appear and standing knee deep in what I am sure is very cold water.  I must investigate this beach casting so I can catch my own breakfast.  The caravan park has filled up, guess it’s the weekend. There are a lot of permanent vans and sheds here so obviously a popular spot.  Barbie’s lighting up all around me.  Mind you, the weather reminds me of BBQ’s in UK, one man in an oilskin, cooking and everyone else in the tent drinking beer.  Heavens just opened so won’t be walking to Ukulele heaven if this keeps up.

Concert was good last night although I did get very wet walking there.  The duo did an instrumental version of Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, plaid on Ukulele and Cello.  Different but good

It was very wet night last night but what a beautiful Sunday morning to wake up to.  Water flat calm no wind and bright blue skies.  This is what I came for.

Aim to get out of here about 10 so washing all done and put away.  Clean bed, oil and water checked just about ready to roll bet reluctant to leave.  Such a beautiful spot!

Well it’s time to disconnect the shore power and start all engines, build up the air and then its chocks away.

DunKDSCF0886 DSCF0884 DSCF0877


1 thought on “Orewa Beach, Ukulele Heaven

  1. Hi Dunk,
    Matt just set up wordpress for me so now I can follow your blogs rather than you having to email! Bus is really looking good! site you stayed on looks super too! Hope you are going to have a go at learning the ukulele! Can see you sitting outside your bus strumming away!!!


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