Fire and Cats

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Successful Trip to Orewa and back.  About 84 kilometres each way and some pretty steep hills but the Bedford managed okay.  Guess the Mitsubishi  lump and 5 speed crash box do their job, but it would have been a different story with the original petrol engine.

Been sat on the path since Sunday afternoon and the weather has been wet and cool to say the least.  Small leak from front screen.  Funny that, not a drop came in during the storm in Orewa.  Maybe just the angle I am parked at on the path.

Started fitting the “Little Cracker” fire, just behind the driver’s seat.  I got as far as bolting it down with stainless 10mm bolts through the floor with plate washers underneath so pretty secure.  Next step is to cut a hole in the roof for the flue and the chimney but need to get everything ready before I start.  Once I commit then it has to be finished that day, so need to pick a sunny day and get all the insulation and silicon sealant ready.  I should use a 150mm hole saw but that will cost NZ$ 140 which is a bit much to cut one hole.  Need to look at an alternative but need to be careful.  I could use a jigsaw but it won’t be as neat and there are two skins to go through.

Cats arrived and are in Quarantine for ten days.  Went to visit them yesterday and the both seem un-phased by their travels but where glad to see me.  Looking forward to them arriving on the bus on the 28th.  I have installed a cat litter box under the couch but may see if I can get a second one in. One each!  I hope to use pine wood pellets (pussy do), as litter. I can burn this so that solves a disposal problem.

The bus goes in tonight for the satellite dish and an inverter to be fitted.  That should be it electrically for a while but need to get my Self Containment Cert next week and the W.O.F (MOT) to make it all legal, then I can set off in earnest.   I have decided to fit 6, possible 7, new tyres.  The ones I am standing on now are pretty manky.  Will just feel happier with new boots and I need to get a jack and wheel key too.

Little Cracker multi fuel stove
Lea glad to see me but eating is more important
When are you taking us home Dad??



2 thoughts on “Fire and Cats

  1. Enjoyed reading this, wished i could be as old as you… hopefully i get to go on my adventure when i get to an age that i can truely say ive had enough! Ive got enough! I woould like to get a bus or even a winibago, or even better a truck like Mickeal knight had ( KITT / Knightrider!!.. Hope the cats are ok at settling in to there very mobile new life!!!!

  2. Hi Dunk – excellent progress on bus – looking mighty fine !! Glad the cats are still talking to you ( in that cat like sort of way !)
    inverter and dish ..impressive. wouldn’t worry too much about the windscreen leak .. you’ll get that sorted . Good move to wait for sunshine to fit chimney..

    Enjoy travels when the W.O.F done..
    Keep up with the blog – really looking forward to reading it.. D

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