New boots but failed the C.O.F

IMAG0265 IMAG0266Sunday, 30 November 2014

Weather turned wet again but not cold. Ran the computer through the inverter all last night to see how the batteries and solar panels coped.  All seems good.  I was down to about 84% this morning but as soon as the sun came up we were charging again and back to 100% by mid-morning.  So there seems to be plenty to spare.

Was supposed to go for new tyres yesterday but they had been ordered but not arrived so spent the day preparing the stuff for installing the fire.  I don’t want to cut the 150 mm hole in the roof until the last minute so trying to get everything else ready.  Should only take a couple of hours once I start but once I do then I am committed.  Got the tyres fitted today.  Seven all together including the spare also got a wheel key.  Unfortunately, the wheel nuts are imperial size so had to find a 33mm wheel key but found one in the end.  Not sure what that equates to in imperial size but must be around 1 and 5/16ths.  Must admit the bus did seem to drive better with the new tyres, mind you it was only about 5 K’s back the Mel’s path, so hardly a real test.  Will take the old girl down for its C.O.F. (MOT) tomorrow and see what they throw up at me.  Bit scary that hope they do not find anything too drastic.

Set off early to the COF place and got in line.  Registered and paid my fee.  I waited on the bus for 5 minutes or so, before being taken in to the test area.  First up, front brakes, so on to the rolling road.  The test guy asked me to apply the brakes gradually.  By the time I had reached about 6% efficiency on the clock, I was literally standing up in the seat trying to get more pressure.  It was not to be so that was a fail.  Roll forward to the rear axle but this time we got 42% still not the minimum 45% required but at least there is some brakes back there.  The rest went okay, lights steering, which I was most worried about, even the wipers passed even if they did not have much in the way of rubber in them.  I now have 28 days to fix the problem on the front brakes and get the back ones up to 45% minimum.

Initial inspection shows a distinct lack of brake fluid in the front cylinder so guess that’s a good place to start.  I will have to go and get a trolley jack and some axle stands if I am going to be pulling wheels and brake drums off.  I did notice that one of the bleed nipples in the wheel cylinder was broken off.  Now that could be an issue as first I have to get the broken one out and second, its bound to be imperial so may be difficult to find replacement.  Also there is a good chance that the other cylinders are rusted so extreme car needed so I don’t end up with four broken nipples.


1 thought on “New boots but failed the C.O.F

  1. 33 mm is ugly. It’s technically 1″ + 4.78/16ths. So 1 5/16 could work, but could also be too sloppy. That’s why they invented shifting spanners…

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