Ja like Dagz


Well the cats arrived or should I say we picked them up.  Two new travel boxes, much bigger than the ones I delivered them in, so well pleased with that.  All in all service was very good and quarantine here was very clean and peaceful so Lea and Leo seemed to cope very well.  The spent the next few hours settling in to life on the bus although we haven’t moved yet nor have I started the engine.  One thing at a time.

We had a good first night but usual wakeup call from Leo around 6.  So harness on and a quick walk in the cool New Zealand morning.

Seems to be a regular thing now we go out most morning just wish it was a bit warmer.  Even taken him out in the afternoon as he moaned by the door until I got the harness ready.  Yesterday (1st) we went across the road and the little boy came out of the house.  Is that a Turkish Angora he said, I have one too.  Then his mum came out and pointed out theirs sat in the garden.  Spitting image except blue eyes. So there are now three Turkish Angoras within 100 meters of each other.

It was so cold this morning I decided to finish the fire off.  I had ordered a trolley jack so I can get the wheels of the bus but it had not arrived yesterday so crack on with the fire.  All done by midday and then a call to say the jack was in the shop so picked that up.  Lit the fire once I got back and although it is warm and sunny now thought I would burn the newness off it and maybe try and keep it lit all night so in the morning I can just open the damper and hey presto instant heat.  Hole cut, flue in and chimney on.  All done and nice and toasty now.  Real Pikey waggon.  “Ju like dagz”

IMAG0278 IMAG0279 IMAG0281 IMG_23149907537179

Started on the brakes but have decided to take the bus up to Lance Cryer in Puriri.  He is an expert on Bedford’s and carries a lot of spares.  I realised, once I got the front wheel off that I was going to need spares and guessed they would not be available locally.  Best option is to take the bus to the place where I can get bits easily rather than running back and forth every time I found something else wrong.



3 thoughts on “Ja like Dagz

      1. Hi Dunk . V impressed .. comprehensive brake job makes good sense. Flue to woodburner .. epic job! Quality ref to possibly my favourite film .. if you squeeze one of the cats and it squeeks .. we know you really have spent too long in the scrap yard… D’ya wana buy a cravaan? D

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