What a relief

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Well made the trip to Puriri to Lance Cryer’s yard but had a bit of fun on the way.  Just got on to the SH 25 and in the middle of nowhere and started losing power.  Turns out the fan belt was slipping and the compressor was not turning.  This caused the air pressure to drop and the hand brake to come on.  Had to wait for it all to cool down and then travel in 4th gear to keep the revs up till I got to Puriri.  Thought I was going to have to abandon ship at one point.  Anyway  managed to limp here so let’s see how it goes. and by midday the mechanic had the front brakes stripped down.  Not looking too good as the wheel cylinders are leaking and badly scoured so new ones there I think  Re line the near side shoes as they are contaminated with grease and oil and wheel bearings I think,,  Not got to the back axle yet

Day three

Has been very interesting over the last few days.  Puriri is just a cross road with a pub, The Coach House, on one corner and the Bedford workshop on the other.  A few scattered houses around the four roads and a Christmas tree farm and Christmas shop about 300 meters up one of the roads.  The pub does not open until 3 in the afternoon and seems to shut around 9.  They don’t do food until Wednesday, so guess it must come to life nearer the weekend.  Some interesting old boys in there at 5 ish though.  Seem to have all been involved in the logging industry.  Think my mate Trevor would like talking to them about the old plant and machinery they used to drive.

The bus.  What can I say. It is all as I suspected with a few bright spots along the way.  Needed new slave cylinders on both sides and because they had leaked internally the brake shoes had to be re lined.  All old school stuff though.  The mechanic just drilled out the old rivets and fitted new linings.  No waiting for them to be sent away or for them to be ordered.  Actually made me think if the modern replacement part concept is perhaps past its sell by date and there would be a market for mechanics who could actually repair parts rather than exchange them..

While this was going on I investigated the slack fan belt issue. The only way to get at the fan belt and the adjustment was to take the radiator off, not something you would want to do at the side of the road.  I got the rad off but the bottom supporting strap was rusted through, No problem the guys here just made a new one and hey presto back in business.  Turns out that the belts (Alternator and compressor) where at their maximum adjustment and after a bit of consultation it was decided that a slightly shorter belts may be a better idea.  Unfortunately, they will have to come from Thames on Wednesday.

Once the front wheels where back on and on the ground, we started the back brakes.  Again indications that the cylinder seals had leaked and there was a possibility that the back shoes may need replacement.  So wheels off and half shafts out.  Fortunately, the first side looks okay fingers crossed for the other side.

Well all good.  Managed to get it all done by 16:00hrs on Thursday and down to the testing station.  Passed so now legal and I have brakes.  Staying the night as it is a bit late to travel on anywhere but should be away by Lunch time tomorrow.  Phew!!!


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