Black sand on the Tasman and biscuits at Tuapiro

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Summer arrived for Christmas so we managed some outdoor stuff.  Feeling like a real Kiwi now, shorts, t-shirts and the beach.  Have lost track of time a bit and I am not sure if it is just the Christmas thing or the fact that, having retired there is no need to be anywhere at any particular time or day. The improvement of the weather has meant I have had a couple of trips out with the family

We spent a few hours on Karioitahi Beach.  The black sand and the wild Tasman Sea make it very spectacular but because of the holiday season quiet busy.

After Christmas, we, Mel, Dan and the boys oh and the dog went over to Waihi and had a nice day on the beach with some friends. Even got a boat ride.  The boys were towed around on a biscuit and the dog just got wet.

All good here in The Land of the Long White Cloud.



3 thoughts on “Black sand on the Tasman and biscuits at Tuapiro

  1. When retired, you truly have no need to do anything, or be anywhere, unless you want to. When we retired, the first thing we discovered is that we lost track of what day of the week it was. Sounds benign, but Karen missed yoga one day because she thought it was Tuesday when in fact it was Wednesday. Karen missed a scheduled blood donation for the same reason. The only way we could tell whether it was Monday or Thursday was by (a) the traffic on the road, and (b) that the weekly papers come out. We had a weekly meeting to plan out what needed to be done that week so we didn’t miss it.

    For Christmas this year, I got a wall clock that tells me what day of the week it is. Finally.

    It is helping.

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