First trip away

As we have a planned trip to Miranda hot pools for a couple of days on Monday.  I thought it prudent to go away with the cats for a couple of nights before hand.  Just to see how we all cope.  As I did not know how it would pan out, I did not want to go far. Somewhere where I could abandon the project if we hit a problem.  Fortunately the park just around the corner from Mel provides overnight parking for two nights and it’s only a couple of hundred meters away.  This would mean Mel’s house could provide basic back up if required and I could walk back and forth as required and if the cats wandered too far they would come upon familiar territory and not get lost.

It all worked out okay but not sure about sleeping with the door open all night. That may need a rethink.


Looks like we have landed Parking for the next two nights Ready to get off the bus Some scran before we go lets explore Over here looks interesting


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