What is up with the bus.

I have no picture for this one.  I basically spent the last three day looking for a reason why the bus just dies on hills.  Its a 4ltr Mitsubishi lump in it and although it is 6 cylinder it just does not like hills of any sort.  The reason there are no pictures are, well, I did not want to handle my camera, or anything else with my hand covered in grease and diesel.

Now there is a bit of crankcase compression but I have seen worse and we seem to trundle along at 75 to 85 kl/hr on the flat.  The engine has a good cackle to it so it must be direct injection and there is no black or blue smoke when she is pulling.

I cannot find out much about the unit only it is a 6DR 50A naturally aspirated.  Obviously this is not the original lump as it would of had a big Bedford petrol engine.

Thought we would start with the cheapest option, the fuel filters.  Lift the engine cowl and obvious that nothing is accessible from the top so climb underneath and low and behold I can reach the fuel pump, the bottom of the filter bowl but only if I remove the air filter assembly.  This was easier than it looked.  The guy who had done the conversion had not bothered to bolt the air cleaner to the chassis so it was just hanging on the flexible hose that was connected to the inlet manifold.  However, The previous owner loved welding and had welded a strap to secure the mud guard.  This strap ran right under the air filter.  Some hours later I managed to get the air filter assembly on the ground.  I will bolt that back on properly when I have finished says me.  I know why he hadn’t fastened it down.  There was no where to fasten it to.

By climbing underneath and assuming a upright sitting position between the inside of the front wheel with your head poked up under the wing, it was just possible to get both hands above your head and feel the fuel filter. As the old girl is a bit of a mongrel are the spanner sizes metric or imperial.  Get it wrong and you have to extricate your self from inside the wing, get another spanner and climb back in.

It was also obvious by now that there was no way the diesel running down the filter bowl when slackened off would go anywhere except down my sleeve. And so it came to pass.  Not only that it ran all over the alternator (which dripped diesel for hours after)

Right get cleaned up and off to the filter shop.  Autostop stock thousands of filters and four or five brands, all of which they can cross reference.  There are two filters on the bus, one on the chassis near the tank.  This is more of a water trap and is relatively easy to get at. And the other which is moulded in the engine compartment to cause the most mess as possible.

A few clicks on the computer and no probs.  The water trap one we can get by tomorrow but the other one has been discontinued.  Now fair play to the guy, he then measured to filter and had a neat little chart that found filters that matched your dimensions. Unfortunate the two he found were also discontinued.

Plan B.  As the filters seemed clean and this was obviously not the cause of lack of power then we would change the line filter and put the main filter back.  While we were at it we would fit a new air filter and figure out some way to attaché the air filter housing to the chassis.  Anyway this can all wait as the filters wont get here until tomorrow.

The nice lady rang who was making my new curtains to say they are ready.  That’s tomorrow taken care of and Thursday we will finish the filters and get the old girl running again.

Curtains look good and I recon that pop or blind rivets may solve the fixing problems for the air filter.  If not I would have to drill four new smaller holes and use roof sheet screws.

Thursday early start bought some hammer right to paint the air cleaner housing as it was pretty manky.  Re fitted the fuel filters and bled the system.  That’s another sleeve full of diesel and the alternator is still dripping.  Anyway she fired up no problem just the air cleaner now.  Bear in mind I am sat on the floor with my arms above my head doing all this but with a pair of vise grips and a drill I managed to do the bottom bracket.  This had to go a couple of inches higher then original as I could only get the drill in at that point.  Set bracket 2 up and the drill stopped working.  Will go in reverse but not forward.  Getting fed up by now.  Got a second drill on charge over night hope that will put the job to bed once and for all tomorrow



3 thoughts on “What is up with the bus.

  1. I bought a “project house” when I retired. You bought a “project bus”. Good for you for doing all the work yourself. I would have hired someone, but then again, know nothing about engines.

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