After the filters had been done.  The idea was a road test.  I was not expecting any improvements as  there was no obvious dirt in the filters. I am not sure but I did mess with the stop linkage, which seemed not to be resetting all the way back.  That could account for the lack of grunt when needed but only a road test can tell.  Unfortunately, whether, due to too much sun on the Tuesday or a dodgy three pepper subway on the Wednesday, by Thursday morning I was resigned to the porta potty most of the day and the rest of the night.  I managed to get the filters done on Thursday and fitted the air cleaned on the Friday but was banjaxed by the end of it.  The idea of setting of for a long weekend did not appeal.  Sunday although not 100% I decided to make a run for it and Raglan was the target.  By taking the back roads I could take my time, and so I set off, we left around 13:00 hrs. The bus did seem to have a bit more grunt but not convinced could be the hills were not as big.  Anyway beautiful run down to Raglan.

Coffee break
Tree ferns

What a surprise, lovely place and I know it was a long weekend, so maybe busier than usual but full of “beautiful people” Only for the cleanliness and the lack of traffic (and cows) it could have be Goa.  I Like Raglan a lot.

Chillaxing and listening to Rega All I need is them to put on some Goan trans and it would be Nirvana.
Pair of Rocket 3’s. 2.3 ltr.. 2.8 model coming out this year.

Couple of sneaky Corona then to find my spot for the night.  I had chosen Te Toto Gorge for no other reason than it was free and sounded nice.  Now remote does not describe this car park halfway up a mountain some 8 clicks down a gravel road.  But that’s where I am tonight.

4.5 kilometres of this

The view is stunning and not a cloud in the sky so hope to get a good sunset and I am sure the stars will be awesome when I take Leo for his walk.

From the lookout

The cats and I spent the early evening going for a stroll to the lookout overlooking the beach and then a beer and dips sat outside on the grass.  Watched the sun go down but due to the lack of cloud it was a bit less spectacular than I had hoped for.

Leo out for a stroll
Sunset over the Tasman
Lovely day tomorrow Inshallah

An eventfull night due to my tummy condition.  All came to a head around 12: 34 (just gone midnight).  Least said but it involved having to shower and a change of PJ’s.

Next morning not feeling any better but determined to drive back to Raglan and have another look around.  Anyway got down off the mountain and into Raglan about 11 ish and had a coffe and a mooch but parking restrictions limited me to an hour.  So set off towards home.  Turned of SH1 in to my old haunt Rangiriri.  Easy to park, public toilets and good bar food at the hotel.  Think that may be considered cheating a bit but was in no mood to cook or do anything much.

Lunch was three pints of the black stuff, if nothing else might re-hydrate me, then a snooze till early evening.  Fettuccini for dinner and another pint of Irish cream and bed.

Tuesday early walk with the cats and then back to bed for a bit.  Got organised by about 10 and walked up to Te Wheoro’s Redoubt.  Some serious fighting took place here.  No one mentioned this when I was at school.  There is a lot more to recent NZ history than you think.

Now back on Mels path just catching up with washing and a bit of a clean out befor my next trip.  My container has still not arrived from Dubai but Inshallah, this week, I will have some fresh clothes and a lot more stuff to help me on my adventures.

Still not managed to set off without having to stop in the first 100 yards to put something away or pick something up that has vibrated off the work top.  Check list is needed.  you know.  “door armed and cross check sort of thing.



2 thoughts on “Raglan

  1. Hi DunK
    Really enjoying following your blogs!! Feeling jealous looking at the photos, especially the latest of Te Toto gorge!! Reminds me of roads in the south island and the green landscape!! Can’t believe this time last year we were there!!

    Hope your tum has settled! Nothing worse when travelling!!! Had a few episodes myself over the years!! A certain frozen strawberry daquari I had at a hotel comes to mind. It caught me out the night before the boys played in a rugby match. I seem to remember spending the day close to a very good toilet at your house in Sharjah, whilst the boys played rugby!!!!! I was and always will be very grateful for that wonderful loo!!! And that was Dave’s last game! He had a really rough time and decided he would retire from rugby after that!! Good times, despite rogue cocktails!!!!

    Talking of the man, he has flown to Munich today until Friday. He is still very busy but is now counting down to our trip to Tokyo. He has been doing a lot of training and is very fit! We fly out on the 18th and his race is on the 22nd! I am looking forward to exploring Tokyo but I think we will do the real tourist bit and take a bus tour. We haven’t got a lot of time and it’s probably the best way to see as much as possible!!

    Well, Dunk, look forward to reading your next blog. Really enjoy them!! Dave especially liked your description of the fishing trip. He laughed and groaned in sympathy!!! I think you may have a book in the making, a bit like Bill Bryson but with the added extra of two white cats!!

    Say hello to Mel, Dan and the boys!

    Keep on bussing!!!!

    Love Hxx

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