Nearly didnt make it

I guess anyone following my adventures on the bus are aware that I have not ventured far as I have been expecting my worldly goods to arrive from Dubai at any time.  The ship docked supposedly on the 12 of December and I was sure that it would all turn up on Christmas day or some other inconvenient time.  Anyway we got Christmas and New Year out of the way all the time expecting a forty foot container to be outside Mel’s house one morning.  No real communication from the shippers or their agents so taking it one day at a time.  This is not ideal very difficult to plan or commit to anything with this cloud of uncertainty hanging over my head.  As Mel was having work done to her house it was obvious that the stuff (128 boxes, a part built boat and a old motorbike) would not go in to her garage.  This meant hiring storage.  Easy enough to do but when?  We got in to Feb and it looked like it would be delivered on Thursday before Waitangi day if not the following week so we booked the storage.  Didn’t arrive but the following week get a phone cal to say they will deliver the boat but not sure when the rest of the stuff will come.  The boat arrives and the man lifted it off his truck with a little Hiab knucklboom crane and a pair of webbing slings that were so badly damaged I could not watch.  Couple of day later we are sending the bike no idea about the other stuff!

I felt sure that it was imminent so sat around all that week but no signs.  Now low and behold I get a newsletter from the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association saying there is a rally at Duders on Friday 13th.  I’ll go to that me thinks.  Stuff should arrive early in the week and I can kit out the bus with some extra crockery and utensils.

I get mentally ready for my first rally and plane to get there early so I can learn the required etiquette of camping, get a good pitch and be there at the beginning.  Nothing wore I find then coming in halfway through something and then playing catch up, especially if you don’t know the rules.  Tuesday Morning get a phone call.  “very pleased to tell you your stuff is scheduled for delivery Friday morning” .  Just great.  Slight change of plan.  Unload my stuff in to storage don’t unpack anything for the bus just lock up and set off to the rally around midday.

The delivery went well.  The truck was there at 8:30 and all unloaded and checked by 9:30.  Just need to go back now and batten down the hatches on the bus and get in to travel mode.

Got a bit of time in hand now so started to put things away and stow stuff I don’t need.  Leo shows up and must have a bit of a tummy upset so quick wash of his backside of which he was not happy and let him go and lick himself clean and dry.  12:30 comes, no sign of Leo.  By now I am in flight mode, Curtains tied back, Kettle in the sink, table down and computer on the floor.  Final call for passenger Mr Leo, no signs.  Walk around the block, looked in the shed, under the house.  Not a sign.

5 o’clock he rolls in and we set off.  Anyway parked up now amongst a good few likeminded people.  Will just have to wing it from here on in.



2 thoughts on “Nearly didnt make it

  1. Dub question: who do you expect to fit a 40′ container full of stuff into a 40′ bus? I’m an engineer and can do math…

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