Duders Beach

Duders Beach

I arrived at Duders Beach around 6:30 and it would seem I could just park up next to the last van of the row, keep 3 metre away and put out my fire bucket and that was it.  I had missed the happy hour and most people had made their way back to cook dinner or whatever.  So I thought I would do the same.  Chicken in peanut and coconut milk.  That done decided I did not feel like it so will have that tomorrow.  Now sign of anywhere to register bu I was told someone will just knock on my door.

Bus Inshallah
My pitch for the next couple of days
Beach 200 yards away
view from the beach

Up early with Leo to take our morning constitutional, around 6ísh I think.  Nice stroll along the beach and back to the bus.  Madams turn.  Lead on and lifted her outside, bear in mind she was waiting at the door when I got back.  As soon as her feet hit the floor she went in to stealth mode.  She was like those cartoon cats that run on just their toes.  So after a few minutes we came back and she had breakfast.  Back to bed for me for a bit.  Must say it was a little nippy this morning.

Morning tea in the tent on the beach at 0900 hrs so got breakfast underway, eggs and bacon, what else.

Bacon and Eggs

Just about to serve it up and  the knock came.  A nice lady got me to sign in and pay my rally fee, so all good.  Just got Brecky out of the way and a guy knocked to see if I had a dog, as dogs are not allowed where I was parked and I would have to move to the other paddock.  Threw him  a bit when I said no just two cats.  The regulations only mention dogs so guess it is all right but he would check.  Not heard back so guess it must be okay.

Morning tea was a mix of announcements awards for long service and a raffle, I won four small chopping boards.  I may hasten to mention I have dozens in my stuff from Dubai but guess four more wont make a big difference.

Morning tea

The itinery given out with the registration listed the weekends activities.  Saturday included bring and buy, a Karate demonstration and lessons on how to play the game Kubb. In the afternoon there was a beach casting competition, See how could cast the furthest??  And an  actual game of Kubb.

13 year. She old could represent New Zealand later in the year


Then at 4, happy hour.  On me jack jones, as the say and no chilli bin or cold bag so emptied my camera bag and filled it with tins of beer.  Picked up a chair and wandered down to the beach to meet the locals.  I got there about 4:15 and it was pretty packed in the tent.  Lots of small groups all chatting.  Anyway spotted a couple sat out at the edge in the shade of a small tree so joined them.  Hopeless with names but she was Kath.  The had just sold their house and were going on the road full time.  As luck had it another gentleman joined us who had been on the road for 4 years now and seemed to know the ropes as they say.  Anyway  drifted back and warmed up my chicken and cashew.

Chicken in coconut and cahsew

Now decision time do I go back to the beach to play some games or go for a stroll or have an early night.

Went for the stroll option and walked to the far end of the beach and back before bed.

variable oystercatcher
variable oystercatcher
anemone and what look like Trilobites??
Interesting root formation
More variable oystercatcher

DSCF1938 DSCF1984 DSCF2008 DSCF1959 DSCF1951

Up early today as I need to get back to Mel’s house as we are going to Auckland for a Doctor Who concert matinee then a meal.

Egg Banjo for breakfast, Rigged the bus for travel mode, had to warn the van next to me that, there would be smoke, while I build the air up and they may like to close theird door and windows.

And away we go.



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