Nature’s Head update

Well a quick up date on the Natures head composting toilet.  Vent has been installed and the little fan cannot be heard now, so rigged for silent running as they say.  I have been using it now for about three weeks and it is fine.  No smell inside or out, so guess it’s working okay.  I am having difficulty turning the agitator handle on the side.  It does require quite a bit of effort so I have e-mailed them to asked for a solution.  It is not that it cannot be turned it is just not easy and I think it would be an issue for children or people with arthritis or other age related disabilities and let’s face it  the RV brigade seem to be made up of silver surfers.

Vent through the shower wall
External vent
Waterproof toilet roll holder

I also purchased, on line, a waterproof toilet roll holder to put in the shower/toilet and a fold down table to put on the outside of the bus.  Both little jobs me thinks, well it didn’t work out quiet like that.  Basically the drill packed up wjich delayed things a bit.  I eventually  borrowed a drill and set about it.  Toilet roll holder just four screws in to the shower cubical wall and although waterproof, I put it high up so not being directly sprayed by the shower.  It’s quiet clever really there is a geared spindle that the roll fits on and when you close the lid it winds the excess paper back in to the holder and when the lids closed there is a watertight seal.

The drop down table.  This was not easy but the cat wasn’t bothered.

DSCF2025 (2)
Sleeping on the job

Follow the instruction and use the inner bracket as a template to mark out the first four holes, fine.  Using SS self-tapper screws 8g X 20mm attach the two hinge plates to the side of the bus.  The bus is aluminium clad so should be easy, are but what about the steel cross members that run the length of the bus and seem to be set at just the right pitch to be in the way.  I know I will drill pilot holes so the self-tappers can get a start.  Wrong the steel is too thick and the screws just snap off on the hole.  Drill bigger holes so it is just the threaded part that has to cut through the steel.  Wrong, now the screws go in and the thread strips off so you cannot get the screw in or out of the hole.  Abandon the instructions get a bigger drill and a box of pop rivets and away you go.  Job done.

DSCF2034 (2)
Quick visit from quality control
DSCF2035 (2)
Stowed position
DSCF2037 (2)

Time to relax

DSCF2051 DSCF2050 (2) DSCF2048 DSCF2045 (2) DSCF2042 (2) DSCF2039 (2)



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