Couple of lessons.

Saturday 28th February 2015

Chose to push on to Ohope Port.  This was not before doing breakfast, bacon and egg and having a big clean up, shower and shave.  In the process I learnt a very valuable lesson.  I learn something every day.  Do turn the gas hob off completely not just lower the flame.  I turned the knob the wrong way and thought it was off.  Do not put the plastic washing up bowl on the hob while cleaning the sink.  In the process of putting the fire out I managed to burn through a wet dishcloth, manmade fibre of course and cover the entire top of the stove in very fine strings of molten plastic, bit like that chief on telly that does the sugar thing.  Now I am sure most of it is cleaned up but I bet the back burner will forever smell of burning plastic when lit.

DSCF2193 DSCF2194 DSCF2195 DSCF2197

The campsite was a bit out of town but a lovely spot on a spit of land between the Pacific and the Ohiwi Harbour.  Water’s edge about 100 metres.

Had a buzz round on the Segway and it is quiet good on the soft ground but limited.  I could not get it on the beach due to the terrain but it did try.  So glided off the nearest café about five clicks away and had a coffee, then a tour around the neighbourhood.  Did go back around six for a beer but only had the one and came back and had dips and crisps with my cats and settled in for a quiet night.

DSCF2157 DSCF2155 DSCF2154 DSCF2166

Sunday 1st March 2015

Through night we had a bit of an issue, well Leo did.  For some reason and I have not figured out why, he gets the squirts.  This in itself is not a big problem and providing he keeps it in the litter tray then all is good.  Unfortunately he usually manages to get it all over his hind quarters.  I spent a good half hour washing his bum with baby wipes, damage limitation you could call it.  Problem is if your asleep.  Anyway the sound of the litterbox door going usually snaps me in to conciseness and I can check him.  Just as well I did this time as he was on my bed with in seconds of exiting the latrine.

Nice and early had a look at the diesel leak.  Its coming from the seal around the bottom of the filter bowl.  Not much I can do with that so have located a Mitsubishi dealer in the next town Opotiki.  I will stay here again tonight and ring him in the morning.  If he can handle it then I will push on, if not then I will abandon the trip and head home.  I really do not want to be in the middle of nowhere with something I cannot fix..  Rest of the day was just chillaxing even went up to the local café on the Segway, must find a name for  it, and had a $4 double scoop ice cream.

Local club triathlon on the beach this morning so watched a bit of that.  Nutters all of them, cannot be good for you, all that running swimming and cycling.

DSCF2191 DSCF2186 DSCF2188 DSCF2189

I had put the Segway on charge through night off the inverter.  House batteries were down to 69% by morning so note to self, Charge only during the day and when its sunny.  Solar panels were working overtime by lunch time, charging at 35 amps.  All good by evening and it does the batteries good to work them a bit..


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