Tiki tour lite 1.0

Friday, 27 February 2015

All my worldly goods arrived and are now in storage in Buckland somewhere.  This was the point when I thought I could just set off and roam New Zealand, as free as a bird..  Plan was to set off last Monday after spending the weekend getting the bus travel ready.  Silly little thing kept popping up and the days drifted by until yesterday.  All ready but not quiet complete.  Logic was if I don’t go now then I would never go so, with the usual delay, due to the absence of Leo until the last minute.  Heater plugs on and start your engines.  Rolled out of Mel’s around 3 ish and headed for good old Ranganini.  Not far but far enough to shake all the rattles and loose stuff out without too much commitment.  Parked up for the night at the coach house and had a few beers and a Thai curry.

Next morning, after an early morning call from Leo for walks and with no fixed idea other than ending up in Gisborn at some point in the next week or so we set off again, me Princess Lea and the big lad Leo.  Like something out of Guardians of the Galaxy.  As I was up so early I put a chili in the crock pot and plugged it in to the invertor.  That’s tea sorted ( dinner for southern folk).

We were following the route to Rotorua and then to pick up the East Coast Highway at some point.  I hit Tirou at around half eleven.  Tirou is famous for corrugated iron sculpture (wiggly tin to those in the know).  Found an empty carpark so unloaded the Segway and went for a spin.  Surprising how quick you can do the sightseeing stuff on a Segway.  Up one row of shops and down the other side of the road in a matter of 15 minutes.  Felt a bit cheated so decide to do breakfast/lunch at Poppies café.  Rustic scrambled egg which was scrambled egg on toast with bacon, mushrooms and onions.  Good SWG.

The clock was stolen many years ago. In fact I think it was last time we all passed through

DSCF2084 DSCF2086 DSCF2089

Back to the car park to walk the cats, Leo went right round the car park, Lea just headed under the bus..  Decided that we would stop just past Rotorua  and with the aid of a little App on my phone found the trout pool at Okere Falls.  Lovely flat parking, well needed 2” blocks under on side and settled in for the rest of the day.  The place was full of people with kayaks or just swimming in groups through the rapids.  Looked dam cold to me but they all seemed to be having a good time.  Got to the stage around 5 that they were all loading their rubber boats on trailers or getting in to mini shuttle busses to go home and I though, great peace and quiet.  Wrong.  Almost as the last bus full of wet tourists turned out of the carpark, the first camper van pulled in.  I am now typing this in the middle of about 10 vans and estate cars.  I had my chili for tea (remember dinner) around half five.  Its eight thirty now and the van either side of me are still cooking.  These are the small hire vans that are very compact so to cook you need to stand outside under the tailgate.  Good job they missed the storm earlier.

DSCF2140 DSCF2094 DSCF2097 DSCF2098 DSCF2100 DSCF2112 DSCF2119 DSCF2125 DSCF2126 DSCF2137

Seem to have developed a small diesel leak, which I need to look at in the morning.  May stay here another night if not then push on to pick up the east coast highway 2 via the shops as I need to get the next two days food organised.  The freezer on my fridge is so small. One wonders why they bothered at all.


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