Highway 35

Highway 35 runs around the top of the East Cape.  A simple road much like North Wales used to be.  I  am on my way to Waihau Bay for the night after leaving the workshop at Opotiki. Feel a bit more confident now I now there is nothing wrong with the bus that another 50 horses wouldn’t cure.  New oil and filter so can thrash it a bit on the hills now.  The map marks places of interest.  These are often passed by the time you realise they are there.  Anyway I did manage the “historic Church” at Papatea Bay.. The graveyard was interesting as everyone seemed to have the same surname.


DSCF2262 DSCF2263 DSCF2245 DSCF2248 DSCF2249 DSCF2251 DSCF2255 DSCF2261


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