Kilroy was here

Got on to East Cape road.  Which is not a road but a gravel track, 21 kilometres of it. It hugs the coast so in places there is not much between the rubber and the water..

DSCF2369 DSCF2371 DSCF2372

There is a campsite about halfway along so the plan was to stop there and see if we could make the lighthouse today or do it in the morning.  10 Clicks on and decided to pull in for the night and leave the lighthouse until tomorrow. Nice site, well just a big field that was obviously no good for anything agricultural so why not charge silly tourists to park up overnight.  No facilities to speak of but a nice spot if you could find anywhere level.  Turned out a nice evening. A few more vans pulled in and I got chatting.  One of the couples was from Pukekohe so hope to meet up with them again, maybe in Ed street.

DSCF2338 DSCF2339 DSCF2349 DSCF2350 DSCF2352 DSCF2353 DSCF2368

Early star to the lighthouse 10 k’s of gravel but we got there.  Room to turn around and park.  Then the climb, 700 steps, someone said!   You read of the idiots who are caught in the wilderness just wearing trainers and a shell suit and think, what a wanker.  Anyway, there’s me in shorts and T shirt wearing crocks trying to climb to the top of this hill.  In the end I did it in bare feet.  By the time, I got to the top I was blowing for tugs, which I guess is appropriate given the setting.

DSCF2383 DSCF2377 DSCF2378 DSCF2379 DSCF2380 DSCF2398 DSCF2399

DSCF2386 - Copy - Copy DSCF2389 - Copy - Copy

Don’t get a lot of Graffiti in NZ but there it was caved in to the fence post “Kilroy was here.” Well I think that’s what it said

DSCF2392 DSCF2391 - Copy

Coming down was hard on the knees though.  The big problem is, whoever set the steps in the hillside obviously did it by eye.  Every step was individually crafted.  No two steps were alike.  You could not get in to a rhythm and to be honest I was cream crackered by the time I got back to the bus.



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