Tolaga Bay, permit, Wharf, Cooks Cove, nearly and Loisels BEach

Big wide main street and that was about all.  I found the shop selling the permits and bought two nights this also gave me a blue rubbish bag so a chance to empty all the bins and tripe I had accumulated over the past few days.  New Zealand is big in to recycling and there are bins everywhere for plastic, glass and paper but next to nothing for general rubbish.  The strategy adopted is to keep my rubbish small and throw it away in general waste bins in high streets etc.  This is fine in an urban environment but in the bush there is nothing so it gets stored. There are transfer stations but I am yet to find one on route.  As I say this was an ideal opportunity for a bit of a clean out.  I decided to stay at Loisels beach, this area was covered by the permit.  Loisels Beach turned out to be very nice but up a 6 kilometre gravel track but worth it.  I stayed two nights in the end as it was so relaxing.

Before leaving with permit in my hand I swung in to the wharf.  This is a very long wharf with rail tracks running its full length.  It looked functional but as there were no cranes on it I could not see how they would handle any cargo.  Also it was very exposed and would think there would be few days that it would be calm enough to get alongside let alone discharge cargo.

On the way out was Cooks Cove.  This is what I had come to see and with a bit of carful backing up through a very tight gateway I parked the bus.  I got as far as the start of the trail where it told me it was a three hour round trip and described the terrain I would have to traverse.  Took a few photos of the gate and decided that my little legs where just not up to it.

DSCF2494 DSCF2490 DSCF2492 DSCF2493 DSCF2495 DSCF2496 DSCF2500 DSCF2501

So off to Loisels Beach. Yet another 6 k’s of gravel.


Two very relaxing days did manage to walk to the end of the beach and back.  About 8 kilometres round trip but on flat level beach so no problems.  It’s the rough terrain stuff my knees won’t do especially coming down hill.

DSCF2555 DSCF2530 DSCF2528 DSCF2517 DSCF2516 DSCF2518

Hunting seagulls with especially trained,Turkish Angora cats bred for the specific task.

DSCF2520 DSCF2524 DSCF2526 DSCF2527 DSCF2513 DSCF2514

And if this was Dubai I would now be in jail

Shag on the beach

This is where I could leave my bag of rubbish for collection. What a relief.



2 thoughts on “Tolaga Bay, permit, Wharf, Cooks Cove, nearly and Loisels BEach

    1. There was a big thing a couple of years ago. A couple where caught having sex on the beach in Dubai. Made all the papers. Just made me smile when I saw that comerant on the beach. Commonly known as a shag. Hence Shag on the beach.

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