Basically, Gisborn was closed.

Left about 10 and got in to Gisborne just on 12.  Had decided to stay in the Cosmopolitan Club car park as this was in the centre of town and would give me access to shops, as I desperately need to by food and stock up with beer and wine and I hoped a launderette, as I needed to do some washing and change the bed.  Of course it is Sunday and very little is open on a Sunday.  The Cozy Club opened just as I got there so paid my fee and backed in to a spot for the rest of the day.  I was told the restaurant opened at 5.  That sounded like a plan.  Wont go shopping today  will eat out and then hit Countdown or Pac’n’Save first thing.  Also, hope to drop the washing in and wait for that to be processed.

Clean bed last night and washing all done by 10 this morning.  Also hit Countdown for some provisions.  Bought a cooked chicken for later and some mince for a chilli and a lump of beef I thought I could cook in the crock-pot.  Dilemma is to abandon going to the Covi show in Auckland on Friday or do Napier and then head back via Tapou.  Will be a bit of a long haul to do it in three days. And wont get to see much of Tapou or Napier for that matter.  Decided to head for Napier and do that in one hit just over 200 clicks, and then see how Tuesday pans out.



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