Thats all folks (for now)

Dash to Auckland

Left Napier around mid-day.  Plan to head back towards Auckland for the Covi Show on Friday so thought I would put some miles in and park up just shy of Taupo.  The H 5 is a pig of a road just up and down the box but got to Waipunga Falls for the night.  Again early doors and off to Taupo.  Decided to give it a miss and press on with a long break back in Tirau and then push on to Hamilton.  We were no on H 1 and this, after a pretty heavy climb panned out to a plateau at around 750 metres.  The old girl was flying and so it was all the way to good old Rangiriri just in time for a Gunisse or three.

And so concludes the first Tiki tour.


I need to do more research on night stops.  Often the spots I have picked are a bit rough.  The following morning after a couple of K’s I would pass a nice spot and think. Why didn’t I stop there.

Kiwis can’t drive.  No offence here but after many years in the Middle East trying to figure out what a Kiwi driver is going to do next is very difficult.  They are all so polite.  Roundabouts ???  who’s turn is it?  Now overtaking is something else they do differently here.  First they sit too far back so when an opportunity to pass does arise they are not ready and I am sure they don’t change down to pass you the just seem to drift along and then pull in front of you.  On many occasions I have slowed down and pulled over to allow them to pass and they slow down too.  Anyway nice people

The bus is okay The engine is fine if a little worn (slack as opposed to loose).  I just think the gearbox is wrong.  I need half a cog between 2nd, 3rd and 4th  So will look in to a spliter or two speed diff.

Not sure about the cats.  They have done well and travel in the big cage on the bed now.  This seems to give less heart ache then if they are in the travel boxes and me less heart ache if they are on my knee.

All in all a good trip.  Lets see what next week brings.



1 thought on “Thats all folks (for now)

  1. It’s one of those “I guess it depends on what you’re used to” things. Out of curiosity, I checked and Napier to Taupo one way is about the same distance as my place to Calgary one way. This is a drive we like to avoid doing because we’re lazy, but sometimes do 3 times in a week — back and forth as day trips — and think nothing of it.

    Napier to Pukekohe is 370 km one way. That’s the Calgary out and return (plus errands) distance, or a one way trip for me to Jasper, which would be on VERY mountainous roads. Or I could go through lots of mountains to lakes in British Columbia that are 370 km away, and many people do for weekend trips.

    I guess it’s because I live in a vast place that we Canucks think those kind of distances are short day trips.

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