Hey Mr Tallyman

Since I started this motorhome thing stuff, I have suffered from forgetfulness.  Don’t think it has got worse since I have been living on the bus, I have always had a reputation of not remembering things.  Dead handy sometimes but takes a while to establish. One done no one will expect you to remember anything so you don’t get asked to do things.  Anyway Motor homing if you have had anything to do with it or caravans has an inbuilt problem.  If you for get to pack or stow something, you don’t have it to use at you next location or it fall and makes a load noise at the most inopportune moments, if it does not break then it spills.

So a way around this problem had to be found and I came up with Tiki Tallies.  Basically just a row of hooks screwed in to the roof or inside panel of the campervan and some brightly coloured key rings hung  on them.  I used Tiki’s from the 2 dollar shop.  The system works like this.

DSCF2654 DSCF2655 DSCF2656 DSCF2658

If you deploy something or take it outside the van you collect a Tiki Tally and hang it on or near the item deployed.  When it is stowed or put away you return the Tiki Tally to a hook.  Before you set off just a glance from the drivers set and all the hooks should have a tally on them, if not you have forgotten something, go and look for it.



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