Horses and more horses

Guess the long and the short of it is that the trip round the East Cape has convinced me that the engine and or gearbox where a problem.  The engine is fine on the flat and will pull away in second and acceleration is good.  It is just the hills.  After 1500 kilometres I have come to the conclusion that I need half a gear between second and third and third and fourth.  Plan A nip up to Puriri and see the Bedford guru Mr Lance Crier and ask his advice.

Once the roof had dried, we took off and got up to Puriri around 2 ish.  Not good news I am sorry.  I was hoping Lace would say, “yes we can fit a two speed diff or got the ideal gearbox here with a splitter on it or even here’s an Eaton Road ranger box, that’ll give you 18 gears.  No  nothing for busses on 16 inch wheels.  Had it had the 20” wheeled axle then we could do something.  Only solution, new (second-hand) Isuzu 150 horse engine and a six speed box.  That’s going to hurt the bank me thinks and is it worth spending that much on a 1972 Bedford.  Guess will have to mull it over.

Anyway the up side of all this was I stayed on the coach house carpark opposite Lances place.  Last time I was there it was very quiet but today the horse trekers where coming.  Got my self snug in the carpark and went for a beer.   Late afternoon a couple of very fancy horse boxes pulled in to the paddock and disgorged 5 or 6 horses.

DSCF2647 DSCF2649

Later the bar was quiet full and I got talking to a couple of these people  they just do cross country treks on horseback and meet up every couple of weeks in various locations to partake in the sport.

Tomorrow the would set off overt he mountain and be back for lunch then another trek in the afternoon and back for tea.

Friday morning and away they go. By now there were a lot more vans and horses.   I took the Segway down the rail trail to the next village. Just got there and back on the battery, about 14k so plan was to take the GoPro tomorrow and repeat the trip and stick a film on YouTube.

Anyway lot of activity in the carpark throughout the afternoon and low and behold big table, mobile spit roast and an invitation to join them for beer and food.

DSCF2651 DSCF2652 DSCF2653

Saturday was overcast but we went ahead with the planned film shoot, with the precaution of wearing some wet weather gear.  They set off up the mountain I set off down the rai trail.  All went well until I was pas the point of no return and then it started to rain.  Nothing major just a few spots.  I got to the café, the convenient cow and ordered a large flat white and with that the heavens opened.  Now I had not seen any cyclists on the trail this morning which should have told me something. After a long drawn out coffee and a mooch around the shop/café I decided that the weather looked set in for a while so decided to go for broke and head back. I was right, hissed down all the way back and while I was docking the Segway on the bus.  Sods law, as soon as the last strap was tightened and the Segway covered up it stopped.  So shower and changed and set off for Miranda and the hot pools.  Once I got on to H25 the sky brightened and it was dry all the way to Miranda.  I got there at lunch time and was soaking in the hot pool by 12:30.  Then back for a sleep.

Early morning dip in the hot pools and away back to Mel’s house to do my laundry.

Lots of fun and met some nice people.



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