The NZMCA Easter Rally was held last weekend at Pukekohe A & P Showground.  Very well organised considering there was in excess of 620 vans, busses and caravans to park up and look after.

DSCF2702 DSCF2701 DSCF2700 DSCF2699 DSCF2666 DSCF2665 DSCF2664 DSCF2663

I must admit I am not a rally type but made the effort to go.  I pay my dues so guess I should show willing and you do meet other likeminded souls.  Guess the happy hour from 4 to 6 was my sort of thing but the entertainment was all a bit country and western for a Tamla Motown man, so I did not attend the first night.  However I did meet up with the elusive “Free Wheelers” the following day at happy hour and did say I would meet them for that nights entertainment.  I got dressed up, shower and shaved, put my best Ben Sherman on and set off.  Got to the tent and there was obviously a hypnotist on stage.  Stuff of nightmares that is so headed home and took the cats for a long walk.  Leo discovered a few rabbit holes and stopping him disappearing was tricky.  He did look impressive in hunting mode though and I wonder how he would have reacted had he met a rabbit.

The rally was on from the 2nd to the 6th so a good while for me to test my self-containment capability and yes did well.  The composting toilet turned up trumps again so no black water to get rid of no cassette to hauled down to the dump station and the fresh water seemed to last even with two showers.

Met up with the free wheelers again at happy hour and got a bit more info on joining their ranks.  They are a group of NZMCA members who are single for one reason or another and hold their own rallies and safaris.  I found it very easy to get in to conversation with them all, which not being a couple I have struggled with on other occasions.

The last nights entertainment was an Irish band, the lead singer I had seen before and she was very good on the fiddle but this time it was just wrong. Apart from the little girls from the Irish Dance School of Hamilton no one got up on the floor.  Escaped as quickly as I could and took the cats for a walk.

Last day and closing ceremony said my good byes and promised to look the free wheelers up when I get back from Cyprus in September.  Then pack up and head home.  Think I was in Ed Street on the Kilkenny by 12:30

DSCF2711 DSCF2707 DSCF2706 DSCF2705

Until next year in Wellington for the 60th Easter Rally



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