Head in the clouds

It has been a while since my last blog and I guess this is down to a few things. One, I have left New Zealand to escape their winter, two, I did not bring my computer with me and three, I found that the Samsung tablet I have got in Cyprus is all but useless.

My plan has been to miss the winter and follow the sun so I left NZ for Dubai, primarily because I had a return ticket. I spent 10 days with old friends but realised about the second day that I have no desire to return to the Middle East. The magic that kept me there for 35 years has gone. Much as I would recommend Dubai as a holiday destination and cannot fault the quality of service there, I have done it and need move on. This retirement thing is magic, don’t have to be anywhere or do anything and no stress.

Planned journey.  New Zealand to Dubai, Dubai Cyprus then UK for whit to see my boys then back to Cyprus.  Return to New Zealand end of August/early September.

While I was in UK I decided to go to PC world and get a new laptop, which I did. Nice little unit with a detachable screen so it can be used as a tablet to. Down side it is loaded with windows 8 and the format is like android but does not work that well. There are almost no useful apps to download or buy. But okay in desktop mode. However there is this “Cloud” thingy. My understanding is that you can now save stuff to this cloud and it can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world, well maybe not China and certainly not in the back woods of New Zealand. Vodafone coverage is shite.

My new computer does not seem to give me any option other than the cloud. I have forced it to save things to the hard drive, which is tiny but it is not the default. Now it would appear that I have encountered Microsoft cloud before because when I logged on my account already existed except it was in Arabic. Think this is why I abandoned it in Dubai. Of course I have a couple of Android devises too and guess what Google have a cloud. Not only that, the new laptop is an ASUS and ASUS have a cloud. Adobe now open and store any PDF files I receive in the ADOBE cloud. This is fantastic I now use very little actual memory and can store tonnes of stuff free, access it anywhere at any time [with the above exceptions]. This has thrown up a few issues, which cloud did I but the stuff in, what is the account name and password for that particular cloud and if I have no internet connection, how the hell do I access my stuff?



1 thought on “Head in the clouds

  1. I hate the cloud and refuse to use it. It’s great where you have very high speed, reliable connection with unlimited free data, like in Cupertino, California, but not in podunk nowhere Canada and certainly not in Africa. Watch for an upcoming post on that topic.

    Better solution: USB sticks. Available up to 256 Gb, which is the same size as most solid state hard drives. Ultra portable. Cheap (or at least not that expensive). Every computer has a USB port, so if you need something, use a mate’s, or a library computer, or an internet cafe. No need to lug the computer; just carry everything on the stick and leave a computer in NZ and Cyprus. Downsides: so portable they can get lost (Karen keeps hers on her key ring). Read/write speed varies a lot (I have a 16 Gb that’s blindingly fast, and a 32 Gb that slow as molasses).

    And you can’t use them with iPads. You can get a Lightning to USB connector, but it’s not useful. The iOS keeps data inside apps, so external storage is useless. You’re committed to the Cloud for an iPad if you want to share, or an unfriendly e-mail procedure.

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