thinking about going home

Nearly time to say Ta Tar to Cyprus for a bit. I have been here since May and seem to be losing track of time.  All the day just roll in to one.  It has been very hot, which was the whole idea of leaving New Zealand when I did as I did not think I could do a cold winter in my bus.

I had planned on doing a few jobs on the apartment in Pissouri while I was here but just don’t seem to been able to motivate myself.  Partly because there is “always tomorrow” and partly because it’s too hot.

Anyway booked my flight back to Aotearoa for the 3rd September with quick trip to UK on the 27th August.  In hind sight I should have either booked earlier or flown direct to NZ from Cyprus.  I had forgot the school holidays where still on and that the flights to UK would be expensive and boy what a shock, nothing under 300 quid one way.  It was 90 quid to get here.   Would be interesting to see what sort of profit margin is on that.  May be the off season flights are run at a loss to fill planes and they make it up during the school holidays, somehow I don’t think so.  Guess as my Dad would of said. “they used to call him Robin Hood now they call him Robin Sod”.  Ended up paying a bit more and go on a scheduled flight (Air Malta).  The arrival time is not silly o’clock and the luggage allowance is much better than the likes of EasyJet, Jet2 etc.

All done now so just have to start packing the place and getting it ready to be locked up and abandoned for 6 months.

My little scooter I bought second hand, maybe a bit more than second hand, started making funny noises a few weeks ago while I was on my way back from Paphos.  Turned out, the helical gear from the speedo drive on the front hub had come dislodged.  It’s an old bike and it has been cobbled together by previous owners.  Having striped it down could not find anything seemingly wrong so stuck it back together and Bang, first couple of meters it spits it out again.  I know what this is, Speedo head is seized up.  So after riding around for a couple of weeks trying to guess how fast I was going I decided to get up early and strip the clock out.  Not easy but we got there in the end and sure enough its solid.  I then had to strip the mechanism out of the clock to get at the drive and the gears and left it to soak in paraffin (Kerosene) over night.  The theory being that Paraffin is les viscos than the light oil I had and it is also slightly abrasive, so once I do free the thing up a quick few spins with an electric drill and it will lap the spindle in to the bearing.  Got it turning but very stiff and it just got hot when attached to the drill.  So another overnight soak.  No improvement.  This calls for a bit of a mod.  Get the Dremel out and grind a hole through the bearing housing until I can see the shaft then pump oil in to the hole and give it a spin with the drill.  Hey Presto!  All freed up, now just the job of putting it back together.  Bear in mind the weather so I only did a couple of hours in a morning and a couple of an evening so seems to have taken days.

Pissouri is a lovely spot but very quiet and it seems that all the permanent Ex Pats disappear in August so I have found myself pretty much on my own.  Guess I won’t stay as long next year.  I will try and get here earlier too. It won’t be as hot but I have all the NZ summer to plan the little jobs that need doing here next time.

New Zealand is the next adventure as I have rented a place in Parua, up near Whangari, right on the coast.  I am looking forward to collecting the bus, with the bigger engine, and setting of on some adventures but having a house to come back to where I can maybe work on the bus and alter the living space a bit and also maybe make a start on finishing my boat.

15:00 hours so need to slip to the shops and get eggs and things for tomorrow and some cable ties to strap all the wiring back on the scooter.  Then it will be time for a shower and sundowners.  Another day in paradise



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