Well that time of year again.  every six months the bus is required to go through a through inspection. this is the equivalent to the UK’s MOT.  last November we flew through, just an indicator bulb not working, which was just a bad connection. they are the old festoon type bulbs and work loose with all the shaking and rattling the old bus seems to produce.

This six month, not so easy.  I took her in to Pukekohe VTNZ and they seems to take an age.  Not a good sign that.  Well nothing to drastic but not nice jobs.

Play in the King Pins, this just required grease pumping in so could of been avoided if I had just got underneath with the grease gun. will know next time.

The frame under the step was rotten so needed to be cut out and new steel work welded in. Again not the end of the world but not something I could do with the limited resources to hand

And perhaps the messy on.  Fuel tank leaking.  suspected pin holes under the securing straps.

And finally, not a fail but advisory for next time.  The seats and seat belt have no record of being certified.  I did argue that because of the age of the bus, this was not required . “no no, the rules have changed and there is nothing on record”

Right a trip up to Lance Cryer, Bedford guru in Puriri near Thames.

I decided to take the scenic route via Clevedon rather than down H1, H2 and through to the Coromandel.  This was a nice run and as it was a public holiday the roads were quiet.  the plane was to get to Kaiaua for the night as the fish and chips there are special and its right on the beach. Got as far as Kawakawa, this is were you turn right to go Matingarahi and Wharakawa then Kaiaua.  Big electronic road sign. Slips.  Road closed.  so I had to turn around and head back and start again. I got back to Clevedon and decided to call it a day and headed to park up in Ardmore airport.

Next day we set off early and arrived at Puriri just gone 9 after a quick stop at the dump station.

Lance had a look at the list of issues and got his guy on it straight away.

Started with the step.  This took all of Wednesday but by Thursday morning was all done except for a bit of paint and riveting the panels back on.

Next the Diesel tank had to come off.  this required the bus to be jacked up high enough to get the tank out from under the bus.  It was originally though that the tank straps had rubbed through the tank causing pin holes and the diesel was weeping out from there.  Once the tank was off and had been steam cleaned, it was apparent that there were quiet large holes around the drain plug area.  So armed with a large soldering iron Rodney set to work repairing the bottom of the tank.

I went Geocaching down the Hikutaia cycle trial.

Got back around 4 o’clock and the tank was ready to be refitted the following morning.  While I was away Lance had arranged an engineer to come and have a look at the seat belts and seats with a view to certifying them.  His advice was that because of the buses age, the seats did not need to be certified and to do so would require so much structural steel work that it would be impractical.  As far as the seat belts are concerned, if they are fitted they must comply therefore  “take them out and chuck them in the bin”  So that’s that problem solved.


All done and parked up at Rays Rest for the night.


2 thoughts on “C.O.F

  1. I thought seat belts were a good thing. That “seat belts save lives” thing. More helpful if not in the bin…

    1. Yes your right but it would cost more than the bus is worth to get an engineer to certify a design for anchor points and then have them fabricated and welded in to the bus, than the bus is actually worth. Plus I would have to have all the cab floor replaced. Just not an option.

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