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New Year, none event


I spent too long in Cyprus this year trying to avoid the New Zealand winter. Only to get back to a summer that never was, well not so far. The bus had been in storage while I was away so I was a bit unsure of what I would find on getting back.  however the solar panels had kept the batteries up and she started first crack. No damp to report or infestations of any kind, as they say in the English speaking parts of France

Summer in Cyprus had been hot and I did not get anything done other than a security gate fitted on the side steps and the cracks in the lounge wall filled and painted. My little scooter had all sorts of petrol problems, so I sorted that out after a fashion.  think it ready for the knackers yard next year.  need to look at a car I think.

On getting back, my plan was to head off to the South Island before Christmas, disappear for a few months, find somewhere nice for New Year and then just drift around the south for a bit.  This did not happen.  My trip back from Cyprus was via Dubai to call in and see some old friends and also to finally close my Bank account there.  I had tried to do this before I left originally but banks being the pain in the arse that they are, couldn’t close my wife’s credit card account for some reason even though it was on my account and they had closed mine.  Anyway that’s another story. As I was saying.  I came back via Dubai and arrived in New Zealand with the start of a cold.  I always seem to sit in sneezing distance of someone who spend the entire flight coughing their guts up or sneezing.  First few day this developed in to a heavy cold, with the result that I did not feel like going anywhere.  I developed a bloodshot right eye and a pain in my right ear and jaw.  Two weeks later and the cold has gone but not the problem with the eye and the pain in the jaw was very uncomfortable.  off to see the quack.  He came back with a diagnosis of Bells Palsy.  Two weeks later and it had eased a bit but my right eye was still not right, if you get my drift. Opticians!  Well had very thorough exam and the suggested seeing a specialist.  This came to pass.  He referred me to a neurologist on the 7th December and up until yesterday I had not heard any news about a date for my appointment.  This of course has left me in limbo, so no South Island tour and not much else to tell you the truth.

Stayed at my daughters for Christmas which was nice but decided I would go away for New Year.  Plan was to head east as far as the light house on the east cape.  This would be the first spot in the world to see the new year in and also the first sunrise. Off we pop, stopping in varicose spots. I don’t think I mentioned it but I managed to re-home my two cats before I left for Cyprus and although I miss them, life on the road is so much easier and gives me so many more options of parking up.  Anyway off we set.  Now the east cape road once you leave Opotiki is pretty remote but the weather was good and I was in no rush, just had to be at the lighthouse by New Years Eve.  Friday I  am with in 40 klicks of my destination and just change down to tack a slow bend, bang! clutch linkage snaps. Now have to find somewhere to stop.  Also had to master changing gear without being able to disengage the clutch.  Old school eh!

Quick look underneath and there is about 200mm of clutch rod missing as well as the adjusting nut, which is a special domed shape.  I quickly realised that I could not cobble anything together were I was and also I needed to find the missing bit.  Next task find somewhere to turn around bearing in mind I would have to start  the bus in gear, be it first or reverse and once she starts she’s off. To cut a long story short we managed and got back to the spot of the disaster, parked up as close to the hedge as I could then spent a good half hour walking up and down the road looking for the missing bits.  Eureka I found them.

I have been up this road before and know there is nothing in front of me until I get the east cape and other than a couple of farms no facilities where I could get the clutch rod welded.  We needed a plan. Driving with out the clutch was not a big problem other than if I had to stop and I knew the road was uninterrupted until I got to Waihua Bay. Plan was to head for there before dark, park up, have a beer or three and ask if there were any welders around.  This we did. Beer there was, welders, nay. Sleep on it.

Saturday morning, New Years Eve.  Head back to Opotiki early!  arrived in town at 08:00 hrs and went for breakfast at the two fish café.  Well worth a visit and about the only place open.  Made some enquires re welders and ended up with two options.  one place I was actually parked outside but big sign in the window.  Closed until 9th of January.  Second place, Lowes Engineering was a 20 minutes walk so gave them a ring.  Low and behold they were open until 12 and only had two staff on duty.  It was my only option.  so clutch rod in had we walked over there.  To smashing guys and one of them could certainly use a gas torch. Twenty minuets later and I am on my way back to the bus with the rod repaired, they even painted it for me.  Ten minutes on my back and my hands covered in grease and we are up and running.

New Year was by now a right off.  so find a place to park for the rest of the day and New Years day then head back west.

may be next year


Chocolate mouse

Monday 2nd March 2015

Rolled off site around 9 ish and headed for the dump station.  The three Kilkenny last night certainly topped up the bottle on the toilet through night so think a spare bottle may be a good idea.  Did the dump station and then phoned Vinny Jones at Magnus Lennie, Mitsubishi Dealers to the Stars.  No problem  just roll up and we can fix it and a full service and we will have a look at the power issue you have on hills.  Just like UK!!

Got to Opotiki and parked up behind the workshop.  Spares all ordered for tomorrow so hopefully I should get away, if not far at least out of Opotiki by tomorrow night.  Undocked the Segway shuttle and had a scoot round.  Lovely little town but mostly closed on a Monday and Tuesday and possible Wednesday.  Had been a very busy place and judging by the building, had a fair bit of trade coming through before WW II.

Waiting for Vinny to come and tell me the score now but think it will all happen tomorrow.  Need to find if there is a half decent pub in town.  Saw a couple but not sure if they were open or not.

Have a choice for tea tonight.  Chicken I bought hot at lunchtime or cold ham and dips or even bacon and egg.

Beer first me things.  But as the campaign here says “don’t drink and fry”.  Cold meat then it be.

All done.  New diesel filter and oil and filter changed so feel a bit more secure.  Did take it on a test run up a hil with the maechanic riding shotgun.  He seems to think the lack of power is just that. Need a bigger engine.  So will live with that for now.  He did like my comment about the old bus’s ability I told him “it wouldn’t pull the tail of a chocolate mouse” I thought this was common parlance in the black gang but obviously not in NZ.  He did chuckle and is probably using it down the pub now

.DSCF2244 DSCF2220 DSCF2221 DSCF2222 DSCF2223 DSCF2224 DSCF2225 DSCF2226 DSCF2227 DSCF2228 DSCF2229 DSCF2230 DSCF2231 DSCF2232 DSCF2233 DSCF2234 DSCF2235 DSCF2236 DSCF2237 DSCF2238 DSCF2239 DSCF2240 DSCF2241 DSCF2242 DSCF2243

Set off mid day and made it to Waihau Bay about 3.