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New Start

Well finally got around to starting my blog again.  It all went pear shape due to the bloody awful connectivity in NZ.  Vodafone claim 95% coverage of North Island, what they don’t tell you is that’s only in populated areas and as most of NZ is empty, when you hit the city limits the phone goes blank.  I have now switched to Spark which, although not much better does have free Wi-Fi spots dotted about in strange places.  We will see.

My plan on returning to NZ for their summer was to head to South Island for a few months “Tiki Tour”.  After the events over the last couple of days, which I might add are still ongoing, I may have to re-schedule.  The infrastructure, roads and communications seem to be in a mess and will be for some time.  Guess there will be workarounds and alternative routes and I guess as I am not in a particular hurry or have any particular destination in mind should not affect me too much.  So currently parked up on my daughter’s path watching the news and planning my next move.

I managed to get my Royal Enfield certified and registered so all street legal.  The local dealer said it could not be done and basically said the bike was scrap.  My first thoughts were to ship it to Cyprus as if you pay enough money to some local, anything is possible.  Anyway I found a guy in Wellington who said he could do it for me and just before I set off for my 4 month in Cyprus he rang to say it was all complete.  he suggested I did not register it until I got back in October.  Fair play, dropped him a mail as I left Cyprus to say I was on my way and low and behold he got the rego done.  Ten hours on the train from Auckland to Wellington on the Thursday and a night in the backpackers hostel and I collected it on Friday morning.  She did not want to start.  after a plug change and a few kicks she was up and running. In hindsight I think a service prior to setting off on the 600 kilometre ride would have been prudent, but hey ho, will know better next time. We did the trip in two days, well one and a half. My big fear was getting stuck on the desert road.  This is pretty remote but once I got to Waiouru I decided to push on with a vague plan to find somewhere to stop for the night once the desert was behind me.  As it happened I got to Taupo and stayed there for  the night. Up early on the Saturday and rolled in to Pukekhoe and home around midday.  By now the Enfield was coughing and farting like a docker who smokes Capstan Full strength.

Now looking for a trailer so I can take the bike with me to South Island but it needs to be covered and have brakes.  the brakes on the bus are drum brakes and you have to stand on them to feel any effect.  hopefully a braked trailer will help a bit in shortening the stopping distance.



End off year

Nearly there I guess.  Christmas approaching fast. and not much to do as not partaking this year other than Christmas Brunch with Trevor and his family.  They are all arriving in Dubai on the 23rd.

My cat is still quiet ill and this is putting a damper on things.  I think I may have to make the big decision and have her put to sleep this week.  This is so hard as she seems fine in herself but is very week and not interested in much other than sleeping.

Had a good day out on Friday, far to many beers and far to many JD’s but the food was good. Wednesday another night of excess at Aprons and Hammers, a seafood place on a Dhow in Dubai Marina.  Just buckets of crabs, prawns and mussels and of course Hammers and Aprons.

Saturday up early to take the Royal Enfield to the dealers so they can change a couple of tyre, service her and re register her. So maybe I will get a ride in next Friday before brunch.  The weather is spot on for motorbikes at the moment. In the afternoon I iced one of my homemade Christmas cakes with royal icing. Not a good job but got there in the end.  Think the second one will be easier.  A turntable and a decent pallet knife would help but not worth the investment and don’t plan on doing it again, well not until next year.

Budget time again at work so another couple of weeks sorting out how we are going to improve sales and what equipment we need to do this. don’t know why we bother as we never get near expectations.

3D printer working overtime at the moment printing things for Christmas, Angels, Snowflake glasses and the like. will have to order yet more filament as getting through the last batch at a rate of knots.  Its the clean up that takes the time.  Need a smaller nozzle I think and then the detail would be better and the clean up lighter me thinks.


TTFN.  More next time I remember